Fun and relaxed singing, dance and simple percussion for babies and pre-schoolers

"My 9 month old son loves this group. He is one of the younger ones but still feels confident enough to get involves with the older toddlers. It has a very relaxed, welcoming vibe. It seems popular with carers, as well as mums and grandmothers." Lucy Zemann, Kettleburgh, Suffolk

"As a child minder I bring my children to the Monday and Tuesday Crocodile Rock sessions. We love our sessions with you, which are full of fun, great songs, and always have something new and interesting to offer. I can see the progress in the children’s development, which is so interesting! Tori is just 2 and already knows the 12 months of the year. Thank you Elie!" Anna Mihalisinova, Loudham, Suffolk

"Lovely relaxed atmosphere that gets even the shyest of toddlers to join in. Nice mix of familiar activities and new things. Mums, dads, grandparents child minders all have fun with happy stimulated children. Highly recommend Crocodile rock sessions. My Grandchildren love it." June Wright, Colchester, Essex